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Aaron Cronan


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About Aaron Cronan

What I Do

  • I provide creative and entrepreneurial clients with practical legal advice.
  • I focus on helping clients start businesses, file trademarks and negotiate contracts and licensing.
  • I also specialize in helping firm and companies handle complex e-discovery issues.

I have focused my legal expertise into these main areas:


Trademarks have been a main focus of my law practice for years. I enjoy helping clients protect their business name or brand through trademark registration and protection.


I understand that businesses must weigh  legal risks against business realities. To be effective as legal counsel, I make it my job to know the realities of your business. I have helped clients sell and buy businesses, draft contracts and master service agreements, settle vendor disputes with out resorting to litigation, work with investors, register trademarks, and handle HR and employment issues.

Entertainment and Copyright

As a composer and writer, I have always been drawn to helping creative clients make a living from their passions and talent. The entertainment industry can be rough and discouraging. Musicians, writers, filmmakers and artists need a lawyer who understands not only the law taught in the books, but the reality of marketing and selling intellectual property in the digital arena.

Electronic Discovery

I have gained a unique mix of litigation, information security and electronic discovery experience over the last 15 years. I spent six years in intellectual property and business litigation for fortune 1000 clients. My interest in technology, compliance and governance lead me to become the Director of Content Development for a national conference where I worked closely with information security thought leaders and executives from top companies. More recently, I honed my information governance and e-discovery expertise at a top tier e-discovery provider, working with NLJ 250 law firms and Fortune 500 companies. Now, I manage an e-discovery consultancy, assisting firms and companies as they wrestle with the evolving e-discovery landscape.