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Cronan Law helps small to medium businesses jump legal hurdles so they can focus on the business of business. We deliver straightforward answers, realistic advice, and actionable steps.

Business Law

From business formation to daily operation, we help small to medium businesses jump legal hurdels so they can focus on the business of business.


  • LLC Formation, S-Corp Formation

  • Operating Agreement, By-Laws

  • Ownership Transfer, Business Sale

  • Start-up Packages

Trademark Law

Protecting your Trademark is critical for maintaining and growing the value of your business and brand. We can help you file and protect one of your business' greatest assets, the Trademark.

  • Trademark Registration

  • Trademark Protection

  • Trademark Litigation

Contract Law

Well-written contracts are at the core of good business. We write the contracts that say what you actually mean and will protect you and your business.

  • Contract Drafting and Negotiations

  • Licenses, Service Agreements, Employment

  • Contract Litigation

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Employment Law

Running a successful company requires balancing the interests and needs of both your business and those of your valued employees. We can help you proactively protect and balance those interests and assist with solving problems before they become threats to the business.


  • Employment Law Advice

  • Employee Handbooks and Specific Policies

  • Employment Contract Drafting and Review

Copyright & Entertainment Law

Who better to serve musicians and artists than an attorney who is also a musician and an artist? We understand the realities and hardships of turning creativity and talent into success and revenue.

  • Music Licensing: TV/Film/Games

  • Contract Negotiations

    • Recording 

    • Publishing

    • Management

    • Concert

  • Copyright

Electronic Discovery

This is a complex topic with potentially costly mistakes at every step. As specialized e-Discovery Counsel, Aaron Cronan can save money, reduce the risks of discovery mistakes, and add a level of transparency and good faith during discovery disputes.

  • Litigation Hold/Preservation Management

  • Meet and Confer Preparation

  • Collection and Review Management

  • Expert Testimony

  • Motion Writing

Estate Planning/Wills

This is a sensitive but necessary topic. Everyone needs a will. How do you want your estate distributed, should the unthinkable happen? Planning ahead will make things easier for your family and give you peace of mind knowing that you are not leaving things to chance.

  • Will Drafting

  • Trust Creation

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